Painting Tuscan landscape? – Mural Joe


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  1. You need to learn to not only be Great in Art, but to Not Lose Your Mind in the process, it defeats the Purpose of Beauty and Life or Understanding in other words the Enlightenment. But nice work here!

  2. The change in contrast 4:42 with the trees, and the mist, the depth, omg… Amazing to behold.
    You are an actual real life artist, like all the greats, the real actual deal.
    Looking like a bit of a stoner in the beginning (if I may), and then you produce that. First class.

  3. You are a brace man! It turned out fabulous!! I know your wife and family are very proud of you and your amazing talent! Fun to watch with your good sense of humor with all your talent! This one was to fast for me to learn but loved it anyway!

  4. Where I work, if we are that high in the air, we wear a harness and are tied off for safety, even if we go up a ladder instead of using a cherry picker. I wouldn't want to fall off a roof.

  5. Lots of work there no doubt. Stay humble my friend and keep doing what you love to do. I hope that the financial reward equals the greatness of your fine work.

  6. Focus, skill and the dorivative of excellent. To see what ones mind can accomplish yet others fail to recognize the talent within them. Let us look at ourselves, do you see your true talent. It's there

  7. You're crazy, and talented as all hell…crazy talented…LOVE your videos, hope to be able to take a class from you someday! This was breathtaking.

  8. Well done sir. However, given the sheer magnitude in square footage painted, let alone the time you had taken to paint it, with a serious risk to your life and limb should you have fallen…I would hope that your clients were fair, and generous in their final payment to you for your services rendered…I would not do such a commission for less than $100,000.00. I hope you demand such price structure Joe; you deserve it.

  9. Lol. I took a big breath in when I saw you change all those trees, and then laughed, because I paint in acrylics/latex and can't tell you how often I completely changed the painting by the time I was done! haha. I didn't know that I could paint till I was 49 years old, and am still doing murals now that I'm 59, but It's hard on my legs and feet climbing up and down ladders, so I don't know how long I can do it. It's such fun to watch you work!

  10. Hi Joe,
    My name is Stephanie,
    I'm a muralist in south Florida. It is so funny how you go thru the same things I do. My customer just yesterday walked by me and mumbled "what the hell is she doing?"
    I love when I come all the way down from my scaffolding to get something and forget what I came down for so I go all the way back up, then I remember !!
    Oh I have to tell you a few years ago my scaffolding fell down the stairs with me and a few open cans of paint on it !!
    Thanks again for letting us all have an intense view of your techniques they have helped me so much.

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