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31 Replies to “HIDDEN SAFE OF SUPERCARS !!!”

  1. i am wondering , what is the main goal of all your videos in youtube ??? is your goal to show poor ppl how rich you are ? you dont work, you dont get tired at all and you are rich that's really cool for you and god give you x 5 inchallah , but until now i didn't get how you can spend all your time on making videos ???

  2. YO YO YO, my boy MO your videos make me happy. My brother and I watch your videos together as your relationship with your sister and mom are our goals, we really admire the way you support and love each other. I would like to have the macbook pro because I have a scholarship to study engineer in mechatronics and it will be so nice to have such a laptop as a tool, thank you for sharing all your adventures with us.

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