8 Great And Rare Supercars

This video features 8 Great And Rare Supercars. If you wanna see 8 Great And Rare Supercars watch this video and hit the like button. Subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKHLpJN-svpt1P…
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  1. Thanks for another great video!!!!!!, Car News TV but I think you're forgetting one other rare car!!!!!!! I would say the rarest of the rare sports car!!!!!!!! It's "Bugatti EB 110/112" (from 1991-95), engine 3.5L V-12 turbocharged or the 6.0L V-12!!!!!!! I think the only made 115 of them??????, I'm not quite sure??????????😮 I would also say don't forget the BMW????????? BMW had the "BMW M1" (from 1978-81), engine 3.5L I-6, I think the only made 300 and 20 were prototypes, not sure?????? I think the BMW M1 engine was a twin turbo inline 6?????? I'm not sure?????

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