7 Popular Muscle Cars That Are Actually Terrible

This video features 7 Popular Muscle Cars That Are Actually Terrible. If you wanna see 7 Popular Muscle Cars That Are Actually Terrible watch this video and hit …
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  1. I remember when my neighbor was going to buy a new Cuda and my dad and he went for a test drive in it. My uncle was the sales manager at the dealership and he told them that, "I'll start looking for a different car when you're gone." Well, sure enough, the body roll was astounding and the squat was a factor and it had a remarkable tendency to understeer. They got back and he had a Plymouth Road-Runner pulled up front and then they took that for a drive. When they got back my uncle was waiting with a sold tag in his hand. He said, "Now it comes down to when you want to pick it up." Then he said, "Unless you want me to wheel out that left over Super-Bird." He got it in orange and four years later traded it on a 1977 Corvette. Going from 300hp to 205 hp.

  2. that guy at 3:10 is standing in the worst place to be, if that blower belt breaks he would lose his face. i knew a guy that did the same thing but the flex fan broke and stuck into his head, he lived but it fucked him up. Never stand in line with the belts/ fan/ pulleys especially on car with blowers and even more so when the car is doing a dyno pull at full throttle. Blower belts break and come off quite frequently.

  3. You are seriously misinformed on a lot of points on this video. Everything from there wasn't a 75 Z/28 to the ill handling Charger in Bullit. Dude, if you're going to make a video, make sure you have your facts straight. And for the record, which Bill Hickman, the driver of the Bullit Charger later said in an inerview, the 68 Chargers ran circles around the Mustangs even after the Mustangs were heavily modified. And seriously? The Cuda is on here? Are you on crack?

  4. is there a muscle car that it is actually good?as far as I know, all muscle cars are terrible compared with European sports car of the same time.

  5. Your missing the point DIPSHIT!! you are comparing 50 year old technology with the shit that practically drives itself nowadays, and soon it will be. All old cars drove like shit, not just Muscle cars. That was the thrill of these cars. It took some skill to drive them. Drum brakes , Bias ply tires and horsepower means you can't drive down the road texting your life partner, deciding what color Prius to buy! Do you think your little Toyota will trade hands for 500.000 ++ in the future ?

  6. Let's see…….. the big news story here is 50 year old muscle cars don't compare well to modern standards and improvement? No kidding? Imagine my surprise. I think you can pretty safely bet that 50 years from now….today's best will look every bit as dated and pathetic in comparison to what will be available in 2067…….not that it matters much to me……I won't be around to see it…….but I'd bet anything there will still be someone willing to make as equally DUMB-ASS and MEANINGLESS a comparison to the past as the one made here in this video.

  7. 68-70 charger one of the most attractive cars of that or any other era. and the hemi cuda is the most desired musclecar of all time. for you to put those 2 on this list is appalling.

  8. I agree with almost every car here, especially the smoggy 75 camaro. It really was a shitbox and I don't have rose tinted glasses to try and sway my opinion of it being a shitbox. Sorry guys. (Or boys more appropriately) that's just how it is.

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